Quick Start on using a Shampoo Bar

To start using one of our shampoo bars, wet the hair and bar thoroughly and either rub the bar between the hands first or use the bar directly onto the hair to gain a lather.   Only use enough lather to begin with, you really won’t need to go nuts!.   Continue massaging the lather into the hair for a few minutes.   Rinse thoroughly afterwards and repeat the process if desired.

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Quick start on using a Conditioner Bar

After washing the hair and rinsing it thoroughly, rub the conditioner bar over the hair for a few moments, place the bar to one side and continue massaging the hair with your fingertips.   Please note you will not gain a lather with a conditioner bar, instead the bar will simply transfer the conditioning ingredients to the hair by rubbing it directly onto the hair.   Then rinse the hair thoroughly and repeat if desired.

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Transition Period?

There should be NO transition period with our shampoo bars as this usually only happens with “traditional” type shampoo bars which are primarily made from soap.   Our shampoo bars are made from natural ingredients that provide a superior lather whilst at the same time are super gentle for all hair types and ages.