Natural Aftershave Balm with Aloe Vera


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If your skin feels like it’s had a brush with sandpaper after shaving, you’re clearly not using our shaving products, shame on you. I mean really! (go ahead, have a look right now).

Either way, there’s nothing quite like a soothing balm to finish off a shave, and our Natural Aftershave Balm comes straight from one of our PET recyclable bottles and contains all the soothing and nourishing good stuff like Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Sweet Almond Oil and Organic Coconut Oil.

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Get the best and 100% Natural Shaving Cream to compliment your shave!.

Choose from one of two glorious fragrances currently available:
Citrus Fresh: Blend of Lemon, Lime, Mandarin & Sweet Orange Oil!.
Deep & Meaningful: Blend of Grapefruit, Cedarwood, Sweet Orange & Vetiver Oil

Stop subjecting your skin to a barrage of abuse whilst shaving or after shaving, go natural, go organic, go zero waste with our Natural Aftershave Balm.

Our balms are unisex and for anyone serious about their aftershave care.   After using one of our fine shaving products to perform the actual shave, you’ll likely rinse with water.   To continue protecting the shaven area, it’s a great idea to use an aftershave balm, and as you would expect by now, our aftershave balm is as pure, effective and natural as they come.

How to use our Natural Aftershave Balm
After shaving, rinse the area well with warm water, dab the skin slightly to remove the excess but leave a little water on the skin then apply a small amount of our aftershave balm and massage in.   You only need a very small amount of the balm as it is super concentrated!.   Feel the moisture, smell the goodness and experience just how good natural feels!.

The Good Stuff
Aqua (Distilled Water), BTMS (from Colza Oil), Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Cetyl Alcohol, Plantserve E (preservative).

2 reviews for Natural Aftershave Balm with Aloe Vera

  1. Francis (Verified Buyer)

    Love this stuff, absolute treat for the skin and goes on like silk leaves my face fresh and moisturised like nothing else

  2. J Harrison (Verified Buyer)

    What a lovely product, bought this along with the shaving cream as I’m super sensitive to most shaving products and even the act of shaving seems to break my skin out in blotches but this stuff really does help calm my skin after the shave. The deep fragrance is amazing too, will take quite some time to get through the bottle so fantastic value also 🙂

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