Classic Dual Edged Safety Razor with 5 Blades


Our Classic Dual Edged Safety Razor offers both quality and comfort, a long, easy grip and ergonomic handle with a simple screw on/off head for easy blade replacement.   Complete with cleaning brush and a pack of 5 stainless steel blades (re-order your blades HERE).

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Our Classic Dual Edged Safety Razor is made with aluminium materials for an environmentally friendly, comfortable and long lasting razor.

Ditch the plastic disposable variety, and move on to the classic designed razor with replacement blades that have been used since the late 1800’s !.

The design of the razor is simple, but very comfortable for all types of shaving, whether you’re contouring your beard, shaving it completely, or grooming legs or other sensitive area’s, both men and women alike who take their shaving seriously and want the best results will benefit from this classic razor.

The razor also comes with a hard bristled cleaning brush and a replacement pack of 5 stainless steel blades making it exceptional value (re-order your blades HERE).

How to use
When shaving with a classic razor, it’s important you hold the razor at around a 25-30 degree angle, ideally you want the razor to be angled so that the blade is actually ‘cutting’ the hair, not scraping it or the skin.   It can take a little getting used to if you have previously been used to the ‘cartridge’ or ‘disposable’ type razors before, but take it real easy to begin with, be very light and gentle with the razor application and you’ll soon master the art of shaving with a rigid head type razor like these ones.

With the classic type razor, there is no need to press the blades into the skin excessively, allow the blade to run over your skin instead and use smooth strokes, allowing the weight of the razor to do the work.  Ideally, you should not shave ‘against the grain’ as this can cause irritation at best and ingrowing hairs at worse, instead shave with the growth of the hair and if you must shave ‘against the grain’ always re-apply sufficient lather or cream.

For the ladies, especially the legs, it’s common to have to shave against the grain, in this case always apply sufficient lather/cream and work very smoothly and gently, again applying the razor at a 25-30 degree angle whilst shaving.   Again, if you have never used a classic style razor before it may take a few times to get comfortable with it, but the benefits for both men and women are obvious, a better shave, a more economical shave and a great deal less waste than using disposable or cartridge style blade.


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