There has been some talk recently of how effective soap can be against Coronavirus, and rightly so.   It's not just Coronavirus that soap can deal with, but also bacteria and other germs.

It's apparent that Coronavirus has taken a grip of the world, and is causing issues globally.

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So how can the humble bar of soap help with Coronavirus?

Well, we've always known that soap is probably the No.1 cleanser, even besides the likes of hand sanitizers and antibacterial hand washes because by the very action of using soap, you rinse with water which also helps flush your skin and wash pesky bugs away.   But whilst a virus can be different to bacteria, it's been widely accepted, and published, that the Coronavirus virus has it's lipid membrane literally ripped apart by the soap molecules which destroys the virus and it's ability to operate and then the leftover debris (the destroyed virus) is rinsed away as you rinse with water.

So does this mean soap is more effective than hand sanitizers?

Well, in a word, yes.   When soap and water isn't available, a hand sanitizer is the next best thing, but not as effective.   Hand sanitizers can disrupt viruses by destabilizing their lipid membranes but they cannot easily remove the microorganisms from the skin completely.

There are other, more resilient microbes that are not as easily killed with by merely soap and water alone, but the act of washing with soap and scrubbing the hands vigorously and rinsing is far more effective in removing these microbes from the skin than hand sanitizer alone and it is known that coronavirus in particular is powerless to fight soap and water used effectively.

Ideally, washing your hand with soap and water should take a good 20 seconds or so, be thorough and routine in your hand washing procedure.

Soap generally has the effect of "breaking things apart", which includes viruses, germs and bacteria and by rinsing the hands afterwards, this effectively rinses the virus, germ or bacteria from your skin.

Similarly, some have suggested that soap isn't as hygienic as sanitizer, as it's only as clean as the last user, but remember, soap "breaks things apart" therefore it's highly unlikely that anything with a lipid membrane, such as Coronavirus would stand any chance of surviving on a bar of soap, which can't be said of bacteria on a hand sanitizer bottle.

Stay safe and take your hand hygiene seriously.

International Orders

Please be aware that as the travel restrictions become tighter between international destinations, so too could the distribution of goods.   Because of this, all international orders will be placed on temporary hold as and when required to ensure our mail isn't being held or backlogged in mail sorting offices, or contributing to the backlog where it may be possible that our goods are not stored suitably and therefore may spoil.   If your order is placed on hold by us you will receive a "backorder" notification via email stating we have your order but it will not be processed until we are able to send it efficiently.

We hope that by following official advice given by the respective governments of this world and by regularly washing your hands and avoiding unnecessary contact with people, we can stop the spread of this unforgiving virus and come out the other end safely.

Wishing everyone good health and safe passage through this situation.