Baby Powder - A soft accord of Rose, Geranium and Iris with a subtle background of Sweet Cedar, Powdery Tonka and Balsamic Musk

Blueberry - Fresh fruit blend characteristic of Blueberries with a subtle hint of Vanilla

Camomile - A herby Camomile fragrance blended with Garden Thyme, meadow grasses and Armoise

Candy Cane - Festive blend of Peppermint, hints of spearmint & fruity notes with the sweetness of sugar and hint of vanilla

Coconut - A mouth watering, edible smelling fragrance where newly ripened Coconut notes are accompanied by fruity and sweet Vanilla hints

Cotton Musk - A fresh floral accord opening with fruity notes of Citrus Orange and Apple, followed by a fresh floral heart of Jasmine, Rose and Violet, resting on a base of Cedarwood, amber and clean musk

Candy Floss - A sweet edible smelling accord with delicious Candy Floss notes blended with sweet sparkling florals and Vanilla

Dewberry - A fresh, fruity fragrance ripe dewberry accord with notes of blackcurrant, apple, peach and musk

Frankincense & Myrrh - A rich fragrance of Olibanum & Myrrh with woody and balsamic notes on a musky base

Grapefruit & Kiwi - A juicy combination of Zesty Grapefruit and White Nectarine with additional notes of Rhubarb, Apple, Orange, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Warm Woods and a hint of Musk

Holly & Ivy - The traditional Christmas decoration with evergreen and red berry notes on an aromatic woody base filling the home with a reminiscence of past festive cheer

Jasmine and Ylang Ylang - A fresh, flowery Jasmine fragrance with hints of Ylang Ylang, rose, spices and neroli blossom, resting on a woody base

Lavender - A diffusive fresh herbal Lavender fragrance, supported by notes of floral Geranium and gentle musks

Lemon & Lime - A refreshing blend of Lemon & Lime with notes of grapefruit & tangerine with a hint of mint

Lemongrass - A citrus accord with dominant notes of citronella supported by lemon and touches of florality

Lotus - A fresh, vibrant floral fragrance with Bergamot, Juicy Tangerine and crisp Lemon, rounded by hints of Green Tea, supported by a delicate heart of Lily, Lotus and Freesia, resting on a base of musk, precious woods and soft fruits

Mulled Wine - A warm welcoming aroma with sweet spices of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger. Fruity notes of apple, orange and lemon

Orange - A zesty citrus orange fragrance sweetened by vanilla

Patchouli - A rich, woody aroma of Patchouli and Cedar Wood and further nuances of warm balsams and Cedar

Peach - A fruity ripe peach fragrance reminiscent of freshly picked fruit

Pineapple - A tropical aroma of fresh juicy pineapple

Pink Champagne - A light and bubbly pink sparkling wine fragrance served with a strawberry garnish

Rose - A strong, rich Red Rose fragrance boosted by hints of Tea Rose and fresh green leaves, resting on a powdery Rose base

Rose Musk - A rich, sensual floral fragrance with soft powdery top notes of Rose otto and warming nuances of sweet Magnolia, elements of Soft Lily and Carnation are also present, supported by a pillow soft base of rich, soothing Sandalwood, Orchid, Musk and Amber

Sandalwood - A herbal, spicy, woody fougere with soft, powdery floral notes alongside rich Sandalwood and a base of Amber and Vanilla

Summer Fresh - A burst of summer sunshine with powerful citrus and aldehydic top notes. Floral notes of Orange Blossom, Rose, Jasmine and Lavender on a woody base

Summer Fruits - A fresh, delicious medley of Sun Ripened Summer Berries, juicy aroma of ripe Peaches, Golden Plums and subtle notes of Blackcurrant

Strawberries and Cream - Fresh, ripe Strawberry fragrance on a sweet Vanilla and cream base

Violet - An overall floral fragrance dominated by violet, blended with hints of rose and fruity nuances

Water Melon - A refreshing mouth-watering melon fragrance

White Musk - A powdery musk fragrance with light floral notes

Winter Spice - Spicy notes of Cinnamon & Clove with fruity top notes of Orange and Tangerine

Woodland Walk - A refreshing lush green fragrance with freshly cut leaves enriched by hints of agrimony, fir, rosewood and thistle