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Our Bath Fizz Powder is the next level in your bathing experience, all the pizazz and fizz you would expect from a bath bomb, but with a luxurious feel which can now last as long as you like as you chose how much bath fizz powder to use each time.

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Made with Bicarbonate of Soda, Citric Acid, and blended with natural water colourings and soothing and cleansing SLSA (coconut derived), our Bath Bomb Powder not only creates a fizz at bathtime, but will create a glorious mood with vibrant colour, soothing lather and an appealing choice of fragrances to choose from!.

Unlike a bath bomb, you can use as much or as little of our powder as you like and tailor your bathing experience to suit yourself, use a lot or a little, either way you'll have loads more to use the next time, and the next time, and the next, and the next!!.

Our Bath Bomb Powder is contained in a reusable and resealable plastic bags which is required to prevent moisture from spoiling the powder and keep it as fresh in the weeks to come as it was when it was just made!.   Choose a 90g sample bag or go nuts with the 500g full size bag!.

Choose from Baby Powder Blue, Baby Powder Pink, Bubble Gum or Strawberries & Cream!.

How to use

Simply pour as much of the powder into your bath as you like, the fizz will be instant!.   Please do be aware that using bath bombs or our bath fizz can make the bath more slippery therefore use caution when entering or exiting the bath.

Additionally, the colourants used in our products are completely water based and will not stain, however you may notice some colour transfer onto a white towel but this will only be temporary.


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Took advantage of the kind offer of a free sample and loved it. Did exactly what it said and smelled just great, a lovely addition to a nice look warm bath after a long hot day :)

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Really enjoyed this bath powder, the smell completely filled the bathroom so much so I left the water in the bath for a few hours afterwards and was amazing, tried the baby powder pink but will trying to the others too x

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This was sooo much fun, normally I'd use a bath bomb but this is normally a one use event, got this large bag instead and is great. The fizz happens a lot quicker than a bath bomb but that's obvious given a bomb is a compressed ball and this is powder but the kids loved it, gave them both some in their hands and they dunked it in the water and felt the fizz on their hands, we got loads left over too so now it's a fight to get them out the bath, normally they put up a fight to get them IN!<br /> Smell was amazing and leaves the skin feeling baby smooth, now I just need to figure out which one to get next time decisions decisions!

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