TillyOak Affiliate ProgramWith our Affiliate Program, when you refer someone to our site who makes a purchase, we will then reward you with 10% of their total sale in cold, hard cash!.

How do I become an affiliate
If you have a customer account with us, log in to your account first as we can then associate your customer account with your new affiliate account.  Once you’re logged in, head over to our Affiliate Registration page and complete the form there.   You can use the same link if you don’t have a customer account with us.

How will you know it was me that referred someone?
When we enable your affiliate account, you will have your very own affiliate link.

Sea You Shampoo BarWhenever someone arrives on our site through your affiliate link, our system will track it and keep it alive for 60 days. If, at any point during those 60 days they make make a purchase, your account will generate 10% of the total sale in commission and we will then email you to let you know.

All affiliate earnings will be paid directly to you via PayPal 30 days after the sale.

You are free to post your affiliate link anywhere, including social media channels, your own website, or anywhere you consider there to be any interest in our products.