Sea You Shampoo BarWe are a small, family run business from Scotland, UK, and pride ourselves on making high quality, plant based and 100% natural beauty products from sustainable sources.

Our bars are wrapped firstly in greaseproof paper, then in our signature brown, kraft recycled paper, or for our oval shaped bars we pop these in a little card box.   Standard UK delivery is also free of charge (makes you wonder how others get away with charging £2-3+ for orders doesn’t it?) and all our shipping materials are 100% recyclable and zero waste, even the tape we use to seal our shipping boxes for larger orders!.

Triple Body ButterAll of our containers, such as glass or plastic bottles are fully recyclable too, like our PET recycled and recyclable plastic bottles that are easily filtered by your recycling centres and reused so please do remember to recycle responsibility.

We are vegan friendly and source our ingredients from those suppliers we know have the same sustainable, cruelty free and recycling ethics as ourselves.

Most of our products are actually made to order and not stocked, so when we receive your order it’s highly likely that we make the item over the following few days and have it carefully packaged and shipped to you as soon as possible, fresh and fragrant!.

We look forward to having you as part of the TillyOak family and pride ourselves on our responsive customer support where you will receive a response from one of the family involved in making the products.

The TillyOak Team